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Hand made Darkroom Prints

Silver Gelatin Darkroom prints take time to create . It is a labour of love . Some prints can take 6 to 10 hours of experimentation and wasted paper before the best darkroom recipe for a given image is right . Once I have established the best approach to an image then I can begin the print run . That's only the start of the process as prints will be washed , toned in selenium or Sepia , re washed for one hour then hung to dry . Once they are dry they are heat pressed  and left for a day under pressure to lay them flat . Any blemishes and dust spots will then require hand retouching with a very fine brush and dyes. Once the prints are finished they are kept in archival glassine sleeves . 

Limited Editions 

Darkroom Prints are all limited editions , ranging for 10 to 25 . Sizes may vary but the print run remains the same. These make for a great investment and the prints have been finished with maximum archival stability in mind . Prints are signed , numbered and supplied with certificate of authenticity .

Image 2 (4)-5.jpg

Reproduction Prints 

I class these as reproductions but technically they are not . This is a range of small affordable prints darkroom hand printed on resin coated papers . These are not toned for archival stability in the same manner as my Fibre Paper prints . They do however provide you with an affordable slice of my work .


These are great value as they are supplied mounted and framed in a nice black aluminium frame.  

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