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Turning a negative into a positive

It's 17 days since I lay on the surgeons table and woke up a few hours later with a new Titanium Knee . My right knee had deteriorated so badly in the last 2 years . It's hard to believe I was the fittest I had been in many years , Paddle boarding , running 20-30 k a week and then bang , that all changed in an instant.

It certainly made me focus on my photography , a man like me needs something to obsess over in his life . Had this not happened to me I would certainly not be where I am today photography and darkroom printing wise !

So it's time to start printing ! (BIG)

I upgraded my `enlarger to the De Vere 504 with Ilford Multigrade Head . This also has a drop down style board . This means I can go big on the prints . Perhaps up to 40 inches wide on a landscape image .Once you start printing XL the costs start to really escalate . I would need to buy rolls of Ilford Fibre at £ 800 a roll for the XL prints or a box of 20 x 24 '' sheets . That's £380 for 50 sheets ( £8 or so a sheet) .

I finally found a good 20 x 24 easel to work with having had so many disappointments and hassles in the process . I just need to find some XXL darkroom trays for the XXL prints and also a set of 6 20x24 trays

It's a big investment but I have learned the hard way that it's best to plan for the future rather than keep replacing my kit in small increments . This should have me future proofed for many years to come !


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