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Blasting a roll of expired Ilford HP 4 around Penrose

Updated: May 12, 2021

You cant beat Facebook marketplace , the bargains Ive had there !

Anyway yesterday I purchased 3 boxes of 2017 expiry dated Ilford paper along with the 6 rolls of HP4 120 , a Portra 160 120 and roll of HP4 35 mm

Quite a haul for a tenner !

The paper test has not gone well . The first print looked terrible . I need to do more tests on the other papers but Im not hopeful . The films all expired April 2017 . so I figured based on what it cost me I would hammer out some shots asap and develop them before investing any valuable opportunities on unknown film.

I over exposed by a couple of stops , increased development time by 10 % . Its hard to know what your doing sometimes with the Zeiss Ikon Nettar , the controls are so basic and limited. But the glass never lets me down , I let myself down when I do silly things like forgetting to re set the focal distance, winding past frames without exposing. When your in a hurry mistakes are inevitable.

Anyway here's a few pix , boring , nerdy , rushed but worth keeping a note , one day someone may read my photographic diary and find it useful . I write these posts to and for myself if I am to be honest

Pin sharp glass on a £ 33 70 year old camera

Theres a scratch line through some of the negs but a very crisp photo with great detail

Mel , Nala and wren in the woods

The second I took it I knew i had forgotten to zone focus

Bang outside my front door , scratch line visible

The trees of Penrose Estate are magnificent

I don't care for leaves

Next door , I think this is F 8 at 9 feet , amazing quality when you get it right

If you read all of this your a nerd like me , congratulations !!



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