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Zeiss Ikon Nettar

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Finally I get to see a few images taken with this grand old camera , these images are not really as exciting as I would normally be aiming for , once again this is a set of test images , my record of things as I figure them out .

Story of my life this is , so I buy a camera for £33 . I drive to test it out on a very bright and sunny day . I park in the same car park I have been using for 20 or more years . The Follyfields car park at Marazion is a typical Cornish rip off in the summer but it has always been free in the winter . Little did I know they have recently installed smart cameras , a couple of weeks after taking these photos I received a parking fine of £ 60 !!

So my £ 33 camera cost me £ 93 with parking !!

Im pleased with the results , one set of negs were perhaps under developed ,they did look a bit weak .The images however are ok . The zone focusing seems to have worked well . When its bright and sunny it can be very hard to advance the frames into the correct position when looking through the little red viewfinder on the back of the camera body . This resulted in a couple of double exposures and blanks , the lens is pretty damm sharp. It's a fiddly camera , but it forces you to concentrate and think .

This camera dates back to 1945 - 1955 ,so 65 - 70 years old , These were shot using ilford Hp5 and a smart phone light meter for exposure times ,

Seeing these photos has given me confidence to use the camera again , it packs away to nothing . Im convinced the camera holds some spirit , it even smells like it had been in the home of an old man who smoked 50 woodbines a day

Best £33 Ive spent on eBay

Best friend refusing to look at the camera , good example of the zeiss lens

Seagulls always feed on the spring low tide line

The pier on low tide

Let there be dust and dog hair ! I didn't take the best care of this set of negs , this was left un touched in lightroom whereas others have had spot removal work .

No edit

Porthleven Harbour on spring low tide

The tree outside our home

Shooting into the sun

St Mikes

Getting closer , camera on tripod

Double exposure that I like

Porthleven looking vintage

Looking East

I only took one close up . I cant remember the settings but the zone focussing was a bang on


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