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A Hangover and Two cameras (NIKONOS Roll 6)

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

A couple of weeks ago I headed over to St Ives for a swim and a walk around town armed with the Nikonos V and my Zeiss Ikon Nettar , I also took a go pro with the plan of doing some kind of a Vlog for Youtube , perhaps a way of giving something back having watched and learned so much over the last Lockdown .

My head was rather heavy from the night before . I dont look great at the best of times I can not watch the video without cringing . I hate being in front of the camera , and soon bore of vloggers chatting to selfie sticks , so perhaps this video will stay where it belongs , on my computer and far from the internet ?

I loaded the Nikonos with Ilford HP 5 pushed from 400 to 800 ISO , a mistake as within no time the sun was blinding and the battle was to find shots that would not be over exposed . The Zeiss Ikon was loaded with Ilford Pan F 50 ISO so very much the other end of the spectrum , just an experiment really . The photos from the roll are ok but rather boring if Im honest.

These photos were developed at home and scanned on the Epson V 600 with Silverfast . Im struggling with this scanner or at least the Silverfast Version 9 . Its far more complicated than my previous scanner (Plustek Opti 8100 with Silverfast Version 8 ) . The software keeps crashing slowing the process down big time .


The kids were shouting at me Oi mate what yer doing. I tried to concentrate and ignore them

Over exposed HP5 = GRAIN

Love those trees

Field of shiny plastic

Helford River


Get yer hair cut Mark , you look like Charles Manson - Helford walk

Just needs a coat of paint

The one only photo of a surfer on a roll of HP5 . Bit of a fail really

I always stare up at that house wishing I owned it ( I think its holiday let )

Tiny waves

Lovely shape wave albeit a tiddler


River Cober bog shot

Testing the light meter on my phone , Pan F and the zone focus , they all work

The steps on the River Cober

Lifes a .......

St Ives before the tidal wave of tourists arrive , Very happy with the quality of the film and the exposure , not exactly exciting but pretty good for a 70 year old , £33 camera . What I would give for a Pentax 67 . It will happen !


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