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Canon Sure shot A1 vs Minolta Weathermatic 35 DL

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Last week I blasted a roll of HP5 through a newly acquired Minolta . I had seen a few reviews and bits on Youtube , one came my way cheap so i thought , what the hell !

When I say blasted and I do mean blasted . I think the roll of 36 exposures was mostly done in an afternoon just shooting anything in my way . Plus a few snaps at home to use up the last of the film

They are both of a similar era and concept , basic point and shoot full auto 35 mm cameras . The canon has a fixed focal length at 32 mm and aperture at f 3.5. The minolta has 2 lens options , 35 mm @ 3.5 and 50 mm @ F 5.6 (Roughly )Ii will say straight away that the 2 focal length option on the Minolta is its strongest offering . I Found that quite useful on dry land and on the water .

Im not going to spend long blogging to myself and the occasional visitor so I will call a winner now .

The canon !

The canon has a little green light that tells you when you have hit the focus , the minolta does not , this makes it so much easier to know what the hell is going on inside the little plastic contraption . I get the impression that the minolta needs something solid to focus on , if it doesn’t have that it goes over all the place . I also think the Minolta needs more light . With the canon I can control the flash , the Minolta has no user control. I had some great results with the A1 by forcing the flash on and lighting up the foreground . My canon shots are all well exposed the Minolta seems to have faired well in very bright light but struggled in overcast conditions . The surfing photos were taken in less than perfect light and were all under exposed .The other shots were in the mid day sun . If I had control of the flash i could have rescued a few shots . When you see my photos I think they correspond with what Im saying

If you want a cheap point and shoot for casual surf photography on bright sunny days then yes the Minolta won’t dissapoint . I will probably sell it on , I might even make £20 in the process , that would be a first .

All shot with ilford HP5 ( ISO 400)

Lets start with my favourite , our BFF Nala on blue Buoy steps

Shit eh !!

I may re scan this i think something went wrong , it has potential


I didn't say the waves were good did I

Ok I guess

More my kinda thing

I met this great couple from Bournemouth , I hope they get to see the images at some point

Ive taken this before on Contax , contax wins obviously

Nice photo shame about the camera !

I like this one !


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