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My Darkroom Vs Adobe's Lightroom

Lockdown 3.0 was the killer eh ! The other 2 were actually quite pleasant in comparison. But there has been one great spin off from all the free time and headspace . I built a darkroom .

If you have an obsessive side then darkroom printing is both a blessing and a curse , the hours you can spend nailing down the recipe for a print can be insane , simple things that can be fixed within seconds on a computer can take hours or even days to achieve. But once you get it right and you see the way that a wet print glows , the life it has , dare I say the spirit that it has in it you will understand .

This prints a breeze in comparison with others I have printed , 3 test strips 2 full prints and I had it nailed , others have taken hours or multiple evenings too pin down .

Unfortunately I built the darkroom for 35 mm film only and I now have a growing interest in 120 Medium format , its only a matter of time before I trade in my Durst Enlarger for a bigger one ,

I have sold a few prints and given away a few too . The pleasure I get when I hand over a framed print is immeasurable .

I also have digital printing unto A3+in house I cant write about that with any excitement or passion , it does however have its own set of challenges and pitfalls , likewise I have a drawer full of rejected prints and a collection of empty ink cartridges close to hand , custom ICC profiles are essential . I would recommend FOTOSPEED Ltd any day . You send test prints on different stocks paper and the build a profile for you to load into lightroom . The service is free , why free ? Because they know you will be back for more papers to match their profiles !

A mixture of Darkroom and Digital prints will soon be available online via this website

Thanks for reading



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