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Zone focusing and framing images on Nikonos V

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

I have spent a fair amount of time getting to know the camera, its a camera that certainly dishes out a few pleasant surprises and disasters . It's a safe bet if you shoot F11 to F 22 , provided of course the light allows that , add the fast shutter speed required for surf photography and there are challenges

I cant remember the aperture setting I think perhaps f 2.5 . I would say i got lucky

Penrose Estate , close to our home and a place I walk our dog on a very regular basis

A bit of canded street photography

Praa sands , good even exposure , boring photo

Nala leaping with joy . I will be wet printing this image very soon

A shot Ive been playing with for a while . I better nail it before the scaffold is removed

Porthleven Pipe at low tide

One of my first photos with Nikonos , successful zone focusing , Cheers Laurie ! I sent him a darkroom print of this one

Someone taking Pics in the water , not sure who ?

The Pier

The Pier

I love this tree at Praa sands . The beach has eroded around it . This tree has taken some beatings !

Cookies had this and Rover outside his garage for over 100 years ! An example of failed composition with the nikonos . Im sure i had it all in the viewfinder ?

Spies everywhere in Cornwall


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