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A Grainy Rainy Day in St Ives

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

After A few sessions testing with NikonosV on dry land it was time to water test the camera . The light was as dull as dishwater but the waves were ok and my son Oliver came along with me for the ride . I love St ives but we only go there in the winter , its just a nightmare in high season

This was my second roll of to film , well 3rd actually . I have had a number of school boy errors and mistakes on the journey back into 35 mm surf photography . My previous roll of film had not loaded properly and I found that I had zero photos from a couple of sessions . I also accidentally opened the camera thinking I had rewound the film on one roll and destroyed 6 images

Ilford HP5 400 pushed one stop to ISO 800 . Apeture around f11 .

I love the grainy nature of the photos . Zone focusing is reasonably easy provided you dont start to open up the aperture on the lens .

This is probably my favourite from this session , thanks to the light leak and also the fact that its my son in the photo

Oliver doesn't surf so often these days and despite everything he says , he's still a great surfer

Dan ( Mole ) Joel swam over for a chat

No shame in a lot of grain


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