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Canon sure shot A1

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

I have a dark secret . I actually threw away this camera a few years ago , didn't even stick it on eBay or give it to someone . I think it went into landfill . I didn't even recycle it . How would I know I was going to fall back into the love trap of shooting film cameras again ?

Hey Ho !

So I found myself following every Sureshot that went through eBay for 6 weeks . These cameras are fetching an average of £80 to £120 . A few weeks ago we had a stella surf forecast for Saturday , this clashed with the end of the auction , so I stuck in a silly bid knowing I wouldn't have to shell out any money. I got lucky , when I checked to see who had paid over the odds for her . I realised I had won it for £54 !

In 1999 to 2000 Cally and I travelled around the world for 12 months . This was my camera of choice and I have so many memories attached to it . Its a simple as they can get , fixed aperture of F 3.5 , Auto Focus , Underwater mode if required and an integrated flash ( AKA Point and shoot ! ) It looks like a Toy camera and in a way it is a toy camera . Being all plastic its as light as a feather , floats like a cork . I can paddle out into the surf with it on a lanyard around my neck if I want too , Ive done that now and it worked.

These photos were taken over a few sessions in varying light conditions , using Kodak Portra 400 , Scanned by Take it Easy film lab then fiddled with in lightroom .

I have piled my favourites from the Canon Sureshot into a gallery

What i need to start doing is waxing the lens . You can see i have water on the lens in a couple of images . Once again heavy sharpening in lightroom rescued a couple of these images and drew out the grain


Im over the moon with my £54 investment . I now have a camera I can muck around with , the flash is great and Portra 400 really is as good as they say it is !!

Thanks Oz


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