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Nikonos V Roll 4

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Well thats another set of negs processed , more mishaps , more over exposures and more dog hair and dust but there are a couple of photos that bring me happyness . The surfing photos were absolutely shite. I didn't even scan them . Im learning out loud here when it comes to this camera . These were all processed in lightroom . I did shoot a test strip under the enlarger but I think Im going to stick with Scans as the test strip from now on , It gives me more to look at , a row of tiny thumbnail does my head in or should i say my ageing eyes in.

If you set the ASA at 800 and push the film thats fine provided the light suits the setting . A roll of 36 might be in the camera for a week or 2 and I have to try and cover all bases and light levels , so for the time being I think I will go back to ASA 400 ( box speed )

I have a real softspot for shotting into the sun . I love strong silhouettes and the way the light works , shooting towards the sun is just not working out right now , except for a couple of shots , one of which I really like . So its time to obey the rules for a while

These were taken in very bright conditions . I did swim with the camera and managed one shite photo of Chris Brown . The second my feet left the sand I was swept away by the current . I had the indignity of being dragged over rocks by a force so powerful all I could do was go with the flow , stay calm and know that I wasn't in ''too' much danger !

A coastal walk with Cally and Nala , The sky looked epic . I did wonder how Pushed HP5 would fair in such bright light Im on F22 and 1000 Shutter but still suffering from over exposure . I did have a couple of better images but the negs were damaged ! I bumped into my friend and next door Neighbour Mike , He's the best next door neighbour Ive ever had , what a star !! I really like the photo . i will get this one under the enlarger and do a print

A walk with Nala yesterday at Praa sands , Once again Im plagued by bright sunshine , get the light right behind you and all works fine . Side light or back light , your screwed . So far the photos that have been my favourites with the Nikonos have ben Portraits !


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