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Once Upon a Time

Updated: Aug 24, 2021

Cally and I spent 12 months with round the world tickets , rucksacks , and dreams . The world was very different in 1999 , it was a year of change for us and also for the world , we witnessed the birth of the new millennium and when we got home everyone had mobile phones . It was impossible to go back to the rat race of the South East when we returned , we kept our rucksacks packed and moved straight to Cornwall as soon as we hit UK soil

I recently invested in a film scanner , it has brought back so many memories . Its also fun to take a crappy old negative and apply the wonders of modern software to the images ( Lightroom )

A mountain somewhere in Bali

Dusty Zebra herd in Namibia or was it Botswana ?

The Paddy field terraces of Bali , magical

Temples at dusk


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